Should photos be on CVs?

By Maya Wettenhall

Published on 22-06-2014

Should photos be on CVs?

"The Voice" has been a hot topic of conversation in our office for the last couple of months. The finale on Monday night has made us question the role 'personal presentation' plays in industries other than entertainment, including the recruitment world.

For those of you who missed the concept of "The Voice", each of the mentors chose their teams after listening, not watching the performers - it was only once they pushed their buzzer, that their chair spun around, and they were given the opportunity to see the performer, but before that moment, the decision was made purely on the sound of their voice, hence the name.

The concept has been very successful, in an industry renowned for placing emphasis on looks. Would we have the same five finalists if the show had been done the same as all other talent shows?

It raises the discussion about the role personal presentation plays in selection, whether that be in the entertainment industry or another.

In recruitment, your suitability and capability are assessed from your resume, and in most instances, this is assumed from detailed experience and key achievements. But if a photo is shown, does this influence opinion.

What do you think?

Since the moment the teams were chosen on "The Voice", I'm sure presentation, looks, charisma, personality, and performance have all become criteria both the public and the mentors are judging on. And in some ways, an interview situation is no different, so really the discussion is about the initial screening stage

What are your thoughts? Photos on a CV or off?