10 tips to improve your LinkedIn profile to help you find your dream job

By Natalie Rogers

Published on 14-03-2016

10 tips to improve your LinkedIn profile to help you find your dream job
A well-designed LinkedIn profile is paramount to the success of a job seeker today. Recruiters and employers are looking to LinkedIn for detailed backgrounds on candidates. Therefore, you need to do what it takes to make sure your LinkedIn profile is looking its best and stands out from the crowd.

Here are some top tips to update your LinkedIn profile:

Upload a professional image

This is a great opportunity to make a great first impression and attract connections. Take the time to get a semi-professional photo of yourself and use this to brand yourself accordingly on LinkedIn.

Create a bold headline

Your professional headline runs directly below your name on your profile. LinkedIn selects a default heading but it is up to you to modify this so your summary clearly articulates your expertise. You have 120 characters to capture the attention of your audience and say who you are and what makes you the best. Use brief, descriptive keywords so the right professionals on LinkedIn can discover you. Use words that resonate with your market.

Customise your LinkedIn address

Click on “edit profile” and change the URL to so it is specific to you.  This will enable your LinkedIn profile link to show up in search results under your name on all the major search engines. The URL can then be used on your resume, cover letter and signature on your outgoing email.

Career History

You don’t want to list your entire resume and career history on your profile but it is important to focus on the jobs you’ve held that directly related to your target career goals. Your profile will appear incomplete if you don’t list at least two past positions. Make sure you describe your roles in depth and use keywords that will resonate with your target markets.

Join Groups

Connect with LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your business and target markets.  Comment on posts in group discussions and add your own; it demonstrates your expertise and knowledge to recruiters and prospective employers. It is also a great way to increase your connections and expand your network. You can join up to 50 groups but your time may be best spent focusing on a smaller number.

Share regular updates

If you have read a great article or have industry relevant content then share it with your connections.  This will demonstrate to others your areas of expertise and show that you are up to date with what is happening in your space.

Highlight your portfolio

You can add links to your portfolio, use apps to build appeal with videos and slideshows. LinkedIn allows users to add up to 3 URLs to their profiles. Make use of this, to set yourself apart from other job seekers, by adding a link to your website, blog, and online portfolio(s). You may also want to include videos of speeches or PowerPoint presentations you have given.

Connect with decision makers in your target market

Take the time to review company profiles and connect with the leaders at these companies. Experts recommend that you shoot for around 350-500 connections on LinkedIn, this will enable you to be apart of enough industry networks, including recruiters, looking for people with your skill set.

Request recommendations

The best way to get recommendations is by writing them for others; if someone writes one for you, then you feel obliged to write one back.

Job Alerts

Maximise your LinkedIn account by setting up job alerts and apply as matching jobs come your way.

Try using some or all of these tips. Remember the more time you spend utilising LinkedIn as a job search tool, the better the results can be for you in building upon existing relationships, connecting with new professionals and adding value to members of your target markets with the end goal of finding a new role.