3 tips for job searching

By Maya Wettenhall

Published on 21-09-2017

3 Tips for Job Searching

The job searching process can be painfully long, upsetting, and frustrating all before it becomes rewarding. So here are 3 tips to ensure you maintain a positive attitude through your job search and secure the outcome you're after.

1. Have a road-map

It is important your job search is well planned, with clearly defined key milestones along the way. While there may be a catalyst for your decision to move on from your current employer and an outcome you're after, many job seekers fail to identify the steps required to get from A to B.

Your job search may take six months, and during that time, you need to:

  • Develop a career plan

  • Conduct research into potential organisations of interest

  • Initiate conversations and network with key people in the industry

  • Apply for suitable roles

  • Attend interviews

  • Negotiate an offer

Without laying out the road-map and following it through, you may find time is wasted applying for roles that don't align with your overall career plan.

2. Celebrate the wins

As we all know, it can be a frustrating process so it's important to celebrate the successes along the way. All interviews you attend and networking events you have the opportunity to be a part of, are steps towards securing your dream job. They help to build confidence, and identify weaknesses you can address as you move forward, so enjoy these situations and learn from them.

3. Be prepared

There is nothing worse than being ill-prepared for the long-awaited opportunity to interview, so make sure this doesn't happen. Use the time prior to securing an interview to prepare for the big occasion. A lot of the information you gathered when compiling a road-map will be useful in articulating why you have embarked on the job search and what you are hoping to achieve.


As you go through the emotional roller coaster of the job hunt, there may be times you want to quit, but remembering your road-map and the goal of landing your dream job will keep you focused.

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