Realising the benefits of Diversity and Inclusion [Sydney event]

By Six Degrees Executive

Published on 30-10-2019

Photo of the panel at the event 'Realising the benefits of Diversity and Inclusion'

On Wednesday, October 30 2019, we were excited to host a Diversity & Inclusion breakfast event to talk about this ever-evolving and moving topic. We were joined by a panel of passionate and enthusiastic mentors of diversity and inclusion who all brought different perspectives, which sparked fascinating conversation.

We were lucky enough to be joined by Andrea Pearman. Andrea was a senior executive with Australia Post, who recently took on a new role as CEO of Inclusive Australia. Inclusive Australia began in 2016, and it aims to break down barriers and prejudices of people from all walks of life coming together at a place of employment. Inclusive Australia has a clear strategy that is built around four main points wherein which they are able to develop tools and initiatives to drive Australia into becoming a more inclusive employment environment. Andrea was able to leverage her knowledge and her passion for inclusivity and diversity within workplaces, and spoke about how Australia prides itself on giving people a “fair-go”, but is this in syntax only and not something we live by?

Alongside Andrea was Jason Laufer, the Asia Pacific Senior Director at LinkedIn Learning Solutions. Jason has a long history in tech professions, and holds a keen interest in human resources, leadership development and data intelligence. Jason joined the event as he is passionate about developing people and having a focus on diversity when unearthing talent. Jason was able to share with us the wins on diversity on a company cultural level as well as being a financial benefit across business.

The panel then joined the conversation, speaking about their own experiences around how they've implemented Diversity & Inclusion in their respective organisations. Shaden Mohamed, Managing Director at The Travel Corporation, Preeti Bajaj, CEO at Clipsal Solar and Pino Migliorino AM, Founder and Managing Director of the Cultural Perspectives Group conducted a very productive conversation around the topic, allowing us all to walk away from the event with many valuable insights.

The conversation around diversity and inclusion is ongoing, and Six Degrees Executive encourages this, what can sometimes be a tricky discussion. Inviting a plethora of people from all walks of life only brings a deeper understanding of the moving topic.