Mobile Marketing Strategies

Mobile Marketing Strategies

With the increase in mobile use, businesses have been forced to come up with new marketing strategies that encompass the 24 / 7 nature of mobile technology. Google claim that by next year, 50% of all internet traffic will be from a mobile device.

So what should a business be doing to develop a mobile marketing strategy?

We have collated advice from a range of sources and compiled the top three tips:

1.    Adapt your website so it can be used with mobile devices

Consumers are liable to making impromptu decisions. And this buying behaviour calls for the need to have a website optimised for use from a mobile phone so you can capitalise on their spontaneity.

A recent Adobe study revealed the spend by desktop consumers is far outweighed by those that use mobile devices to shop on the Internet. The report revealed that while desktop users spend $105 on an average purchase, mobile users spend $123.

With a mobile enabled website, your brand is always within a hands reach for all consumers.

2.    Provide information in bite-sized chunks

Consumers are using their phone in all places, at all times of the day, and often for short periods of time. A recent Seek seminar claimed that 42% of the Australian population is on a mobile device while in transit, as it is often a means of passing the time while waiting.

As a result, very few consumers will have the time to commit their full attention for more than a few minutes, so the information needs to be provided in bite-sized chunks.

3.    Make your emails mobile-friendly

Developing e-marketing material that can be read on mobile devices used to be optional for businesses, but with two-thirds of the world's population having a mobile phone now, it has become essential.

Research has shown it is 108% harder to understand information when reading it from a mobile screen so it is important to remember a few key things:

  • Keep the subject line short
  • Put the most important information towards the top
  • Limit sentence length to 15 words
  • Limit paragraphs to 4 lines
  • Offer a link to your company's website or Facebook page so a reader can find out more

Undoubtedly, mobiles have infiltrated consumers' lives to a degree that no other device ever has and it would be negligent for businesses (in all industries) to ignore this.

As an article said, "the choice is simple: a business can either opt to have a mobile device presence, and reach users at the crucial moment when they are deciding on a purchase, or they can ignore the new channel and lose an enormous opportunity to boost sales."

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