The Power of Emotional Branding

A recent study conducted by Murdoch University's Audience Labs and the University of Wollongong has found tapping into consumers' feelings is the key to driving sales among both men and women.

The study involved over 1000 participants rating brands purchased over the past 12 months in product categories involving utilitarian and 'hedonic' products (such as instant coffee and beer). These ratings were then compared with amounts purchased and attachment emotions, if any, felt for each brand.

Emotions included trust, bonding ('It's my brand'), resonance ('This fits my self image'), companionship ('This brand is like a companion to me') and love, in which a deep affection was felt and the consumer would be really upset if they couldn't have their brand.

The results showed men who feel 'love' for their beer brand purchase 38% more beer than average, while women who feel 'bonding' with their laundry detergent brand purchase 60% more than the average customer.

Does this surprise you?

What brands do you think are succeeding the most in evoking our emotions?