5 tips to find top digital talent

Technology continues to embed itself in our daily life making the  need for organisations to grow their digital capability inevitable.

Employees with digital skill sets are in high demand and now, more than ever, the candidate shortage is in the spotlight. Digital and technological advancements are moving faster than industry can train and develop polished talent!

So, when you’re about to embark on hiring digital talent for your team, what do you do? And where do you look?
Here are 5 tips beyond the obvious (posting on LinkedIn or Seek) to find the best digital talent.

  1. Reach out to unique groups on professional social networking sites, such as LinkedIn.
  2. Attend skills based interest groups through meet ups.
  3. Grow your network in the space, understand who the thought leaders are in specific disciplines and ask for referrals.
  4. Utilise thought leaders in the digital space who have large twitter followings to ‘tweet’ out your opportunity and share with their network.
  5. Have as many conversations as you can with as many digitally skilled professionals and step away from traditional recruitment methods!

Digital is changing every day therefore roles in digital are vast and varied. For this reason employers must be flexible; don’t judge a book by its cover, be agile about your hiring and look deeper into a candidate’s skill set and transferable skill set.