Convenience and Online, the key drivers of retail success in 2014

A recently published article in The Australian highlighted the significant growth in convenience and online retail.

This year’s IBIS World Top 500 private companies report concluded that despite a decline in bricks and mortar retail over the last few years there has been some upside for certain sectors.

Two stand outs were 7-Eleven and Kogan Technologies

7-Eleven Stores has come in at number two on the list, up from the 12th spot the previous year, with an 11% jump in revenue to $3.86billion. Operating and franchising 600 stores in Australia, the business continues to take advantage of significant growth of the convenience channel.

Kogan Technologies was a newcomer to the Top 500, achieving 171% growth in revenue to more than $200 million. As customers continue to abandon high street shopping, retailers are increasing their investment in digital capability to enhance and drive a strong online presence (read our recent blog on digital trends in retail).

As a specialist recruiter in the Supply Chain sector, I have seen businesses make a significant investment in supply networks to ensure they have the capability to deliver efficiently to online and convenience channels.  Key measures have included:

  • Introducing online ordering systems along with dedicated fulfillment centers to meet growing customer demand and ensure swift dispatch of goods
  • Increasing the focus of parcel freight as part of distribution strategy, allowing for small orders to a high volume of customers direct to home
  • Complete integration of order processing and parcel scanning systems to allow for real time tracking of product deliveries

This has also provided increased opportunity for job seekers with proven experience driving change aligned to these initiatives.

Read more about IBIS World Top 500 private companies in this article in The Australian.


David Goodrem

Specialist Consultant Supply Chain