How to stop your competition from getting top talent

How to stop your competition from getting top talent

When a team is under resourced and overloaded it is a stressful time for any hiring manager, which adds pressure to any contract recruitment role.

As a contracting recruitment specialist, I often take briefs from clients who require a quick turnaround, and in some cases, I can provide CVs of talent, who are available for an immediate start, within as little as two hours.

However, vital for a quick turnaround is timely CV feedback, availability to interview, approvals and interview feedback. If we are not able to move through a process quickly, exceptional talent will be snapped up by another client, potentially a competitor.

A contracting recruitment process simply cannot follow the same process as a permanent recruitment process. Talent that is available ‘now’ are highly active and generally considering multiple opportunities.

So, how can you prevent yourself from losing top contracting talent?


Theoretically, if we found you the perfect candidate tomorrow – would you be able to make the offer? If not, gain approval before launching into the recruitment process.

Define the “Must Haves”

When working with immediately available talent, the candidate pool is significantly smaller, therefore, you may not be able to find someone who meets all the selection criteria. Consider someone with relevant experience, but perhaps at a more junior level or someone who is the right cultural fit. Also, does the role need to be full-time, or could you offer part time or flexible working hours? This too will increase the talent pool significantly.

Identify Stakeholders and Secure Interview Availability

Which stakeholders need to meet with this candidate during the interview process before you would be ready to offer? Do they need to meet the CEO of the business before being offered a 4-week contract? Having all relevant stakeholders in the room as part of a single stage interview process (and being able to lock away interview times in advance) helps to ensure the process is not dragged out longer than necessary.

Timely Feedback

Come back with feedback quickly after reviewing a CV or having an interview. This helps to keep the person engaged and helps us to manage their expectations. If you’re not looking to proceed, providing feedback is respectful to the candidate, but is also important in protecting your brand.

Increased productivity, flexibility and immediate access to specialised skill sets are just some of the benefits of hiring a contractor into your business. If you can’t afford to lose top talent to your competition, preparedness is key.

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