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Formerly known as the Marketing State of Play report, the 2023 Digital & Marketing In Focus report is an Australian study produced to help Digital and Marketing leaders navigate the rapid changing landscape. 

This research has been compiled from a survey completed by over 230 Australian leaders, providing detailed insights into the important issues and opportunities facing the Digital, Marketing and E-Commerce space in Australia. 

With e-commerce growth rapidly rising during COVID-19 and in more recent times growth slowing, brands are grappling with a host of challenges to build maturity and reinforce the value and importance of e-commerce and omni-channel to their business.

The report covers: 

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  • The priorities and challenges facing marketing, digital and eCommerce teams

  • Digital transformation and what is hindering progress

  • The growing skills gap within teams across Australia

  • A closer look at how brands are training their teams and what is holding teams back

  • A closer look at the preparedness of teams to adapt to privacy changes

  • The rising demand of CDPs and the challenges that this presents for teams

  • A spotlight on e-commerce – a special feature delving into an array of insights on e-commerce and much more...

Priorities: there are many, but growth is on everyone’s mind. 
78% of Digital and Marketing leaders reveal that growth agenda is a key priority for the next 12 – 18 months. Growth has moved to top the priority list since last year’s report, showing the impact of challenging economic conditions.  Other key priorities of leaders included: developing their first-party data strategy (55%), and brand development & embedding brand purpose (54%).  

Time and resources are creating challenges for teams. 
Balancing short and long-term priorities is the main challenge for two-thirds of respondents. Teams forego building for the future as they deal with the issues they need to resolve today - because they are more time sensitive. In addition, some  60% of respondents struggle with resourcing  and a further 54% are challenged by their ability to secure additional investment in budget and resources. 

Executive leaders are creating difficulties for leaders driving transformation.
Digital transformation is hard, its complex and often it fails for a number of reasons. Too much emphasis on technology, and a lack of willingness to stay the course are just a couple of the many factors that impact progress and outcomes. In this year’s study we sought to unpack the aspects of transformation that are causing the greatest difficulties. To do so, we focussed our energy on understanding challenges across areas of strategy, investment and people (as tech always gets a lot of air time).

Talent shortages are an issue - but it's not enough to prioritise the training and development agenda.
With so much changing around us, the need to continuously evolve our knowledge is more important than ever and yet despite this we see a real lack of focus and emphasis on it across the board.  Budget was identified as a key barrier to training and developing teams, and 41% also cited time and space as key barriers to invest in upskilling. Brands that invest and prioritise it are far more likely to win the talent war than those who choose not to.  

Many don't see eCommerce as a vital channel.
Today, e-commerce represents 18.1% of total retail sales in Australia and it is anticipated to reach 1 in every 3 sales over the next decade - which is why we sought to unpack eCommerce within this year's study. When it comes to the perceived importance of e-commerce within organisations now,  less than 4 in 10 leaders suggest that it is perceived as an integral channel within to engage customers and distribute products and services.   

To learn more, download the full report.