As the global market becomes more accessible for small, medium and large businesses, there has never been more focus on quality and emphasis on reducing the cost implications of not having rigorous systems in place.  

technical recruitment specialists

Manufacturers in the FMCG, Pharmaceutical and Industrial space are seeing more resources invested into Systems & Quality divisions of their business and as a result, Six Degrees has followed suit with specialist recruitment services. Understanding the importance of this in-depth technical knowledge combined with the stakeholder engagement qualities to communicate effectively with overseas suppliers/buyers, contract manufacturers and regulatory bodies is of the utmost importance and can make the difference when it comes to mitigating risk. 


When it comes to new product development and design, R&D teams need to develop their capabilities not only in identifying market trends and ways to diversify, but re-formulation and speed to market are also important contributing factors. This is where it takes a harmonious effort throughout the organisation with divisions that potentially were not working closely in the past. 


No matter which sales channels companies use, the regulations required to be upheld are constantly evolving and changing. The need to be able to assess and prepare in advance are highly sought-after skills in the technical space. 

While not traditionally seen as a ‘profit maker’, organic and fair-trade claims are now being utilised as a USP and must be upheld throughout the supply chain from raw material to packaging. Global market trends and strict regulations also play an important part of how products are researched and developed, with emerging countries in Asia providing huge growth opportunities for Australian companies and multinational corporations with a base in Australia.  




  • Head of Quality

  • Director of Quality 

  • National QA Manager 

  • QA Manager 

  • QA Associate 

  • QA Supervisor/Coordinator

  • QA Officer 

  • QC Manager

  • Compliance Manager

  • Regulatory Affairs Manager 

  • Regulatory Affairs Technologist

  • Labelling Specialist 

  • Packaging Technologist  

  • QC Manager

  • QC Associate

  • Head of R&D 

  • Director of R&D 

  • R&D Manager 

  • R&D Chemist

  • Head of Innovation 

  • Innovation Manager 

  • Head of Technical

  • Technical Manager 

  • Food Technologist 

  • Food Safety Manager

  • NPD Technologist

  • NPD Manager 

  • Scientist 

  • Development Technologist 

  • Formulations Chemist  

  • Lab Technician 

  • Lab Manager

  • Product Development Engineer

  • Quality Engineer




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