Say yes to a holiday

By Maya Wettenhall

Published on 14-08-2013

Say yes to a holiday

Have you ever found yourself at work gazing at your computer screen a million miles away from the task at hand? Or daydreaming about sitting on a beach, drinking a delicious cocktail? It's your mind's way of taking a break to reload and sometimes it's absolutely necessary in order to get through a particularly stressful workday. But sometimes we need more than just a daydream at our desk...?

Though we would like to think of ourselves as working machines, a new breed of hyper-human able to work ten hours days, eat well, exercise and never let anyone down, the truth is we're not. Being productive and successful in your career takes more than just focusing at your desk. It takes focusing on your total wellbeing; give your body and mind a chance to relax, be selfish, and say "okay!" to a holiday. Taking a holiday is as important and essential for your health as it is for your happiness.

Take a holiday to:

  • Rejuvenate and rest your mind and body. When work starts to impact your health its time to listen to your body!
  • Ensure a better work/life balance. Family and friends are important and it is vital to appreciate and celebrate these relationships.
  • Feel inspired about your job again. If your days are all rolling into one and you can't crack a smile it's time to disconnect from your email and mobile phone. Take the time to reflect and review your life and remember why you love your job.

The daily routine can lead many to burnout at work so it's beneficial to allow yourself time to step away, to reload, and refocus yourself in order to continue thriving professionally. High performance in any job will reflect the overall wellness of an individual and taking a break to enjoy time off with your family or friends will increase your productivity.