Australia’s high cost of manufacturing required engineers to achieve more with less capital and resources than their international counterparts.

Engineering professionals are problem solvers who manage people, processes and machinery and effectively run key projects with high standards of quality and safety. 

Manufacturing businesses in Australia follow two key trajectories – some companies expanding operations and investing in top-line growth and continuous improvement, while others recede and focus on consolidating physical operations, cutting cost and reducing fixed overheads. Across both types of operations, engineers play a pivotal role in driving efficiency and innovation, particularly in the field of automation and robotics where there are deep skills shortages in the Australian market.   

Engineering recruitment specialists 

As a specialist engineering recruitment agency, Six Degrees works closely with organisations in FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Industrial Manufacturing & Services to recruit high-quality engineers across all levels up to executives. 

Well-rounded, high performing engineers are in high demand in Australia, as companies broaden their expectations for engineering professionals beyond core technical competencies. Increasingly, engineering jobs require professionals with a broader business and commercial understanding of their work, the ability to lead teams, and effectively communicate, negotiate and influence to bring about change. 


Engineering ROLES


  • General Manager, Engineering 

  • Head of Engineering 

  • Director, Engineering 

  • Engineering Manager 

  • Reliability Manager 

  • Maintenance Manager 

  • Head of Capital 

  • Project Engineering Manager 

  • Engineering Project Manager 

  • R&D Manager 

  • Lead or Senior Engineer (Project, Chemical, Process, Electrical, Automation, Mechanical, Continuous Improvement, Reliability) 

  • Engineer (Project, Chemical, Process, Electrical, Automation, Mechanical, Continuous Improvement, Reliability) 

  • Product Development Engineer 

  • Research & Development Engineer 

  • Manufacturing Engineer 

  • Continuous Improvement Manager




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