Digital industry insights from the Digital Duo - Episode Two

Welcome back to the Digital Duo! In this episode, Tom and Brett breakdown the market activity across the Digital Marketing and Design & Creative sectors, Tom shares details of a Digital Marketing Specialist role he’s currently recruiting, and the duo discuss what Six Degrees Executive is doing across Customer Experience.


Market Activity – Digital Marketing

It’s been an interesting month in recruitment across these sectors and we are going to breakdown two markets; Digital Marketing and Design & Creative. Across Digital Marketing we have seen 209 roles advertised, however, we have noticed that only 30% of candidates are actively seeking work across this space. What that is suggesting is that talent is still hard to find and that companies are doing a better job at retaining their employees.

Market Activity –Design & Creative

Across the Design & Creative space, we have seen around 163 roles advertised this month and candidates that are looking for new opportunities only represents 26% of the candidate market. Again, candidates are hard to find; so, if you interview someone that you feel is aligned then we suggest you move fast or if you are thinking of moving on then now might be the right time given the low candidate competition.

Customer Experience – Six Degrees Executive BDO

Customer Experience is very important to Six Degrees Executive. We recently took a day out with the whole company, visited the Melbourne Zoo and spent the day reviewing our customer experience with Candidates & Clients and developed ideas that could hack this experience with the goal to improve. It was a day full of speakers and workshops where we were challenged to pitch new ideas to senior leadership. We're excited to see what transpires over the next 6-12 months.

Should you be interested to learn more about insights and trends across Digital & Marketing or would be open to an opportunity or seeking a new resource, don’t hesitate to reach out to either Tom Bayly or Brett Knowles.