Digital Digest 6

What defines a great customer experience for B2B companies?

  • John Watton, EMEA Marketing Director at Adobe, explains the importance of CX for B2B marketers.
  • Content marketing is the key to a good customer experience, regardless of sector or industry.
  • While B2B brands might be behind on digital innovations, the rising tide of consumer expectation means that they are becoming increasingly in demand.

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Google gets API management tools in Apigee deal

  • Google plans to acquire API management vendor Apigee in a US$625 million deal that will give the search giant secure and multilanguage API tools used by companies bringing more and more of their services online.
  • It gives Google access to tools that allow company back-end systems to communicate with mobile and web apps.
  • Forrester sees a growing market for API management, with annual spending from U.S. companies quadrupling from $140 million in 2014 to $660 million in 2020.

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User experience drives Deakin's digital overhaul

  • University institution launches new public-facing website, one of many proof points in its quest to lead the digital frontier.
  • Matt Edge, Director of Digital Marketing, felt they needed to better align digital content and experience to the needs of both prospective students as well as industry and community groups.
  • The brief was not just to create a leading public-facing website, but one that could compete with the experience provided by digital leaders such as Uber and Airbnb, Edge said.

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Aus Post's customer chief: CX is about convenience, control and choice

  • Customer experience is about delivering convenience, control and choice in a personalised way, Australia Post’s new chief customer officer claims.
  • With a workforce of 50,000 people, Corbett said putting customer advocacy front and centre is also about recognising the intersection between things that matter to both customers as well as employees.
  • “Design-led thinking, personalising and combining all of our channels will help us put convenience, control and choice into the hands of customers,” she added.

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Adblock Plus now sells ads

  • Rather than stripping all ads from the internet forever, Adblock Plus is hoping to replace the bad ads with good ads, ones that are smaller, subtler, and theoretically much less annoying.
  • “It allows you to treat the two different ecosystems completely differently and monetize each one,” says Ben Williams, Adblock Plus’ operations and communications director.
  • Adblock Plus will receive 6 percent of total revenue from market place ads.

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