The Digital Duo – Episode One

Welcome to the first episode of the Digital Duo hosted by Digital & Marketing Consultants Tom Bayly and Contracting Consultant, Brett Knowles. In these videos, they are going to share with you market trends & insights across the Digital & Marketing landscape, as well as what's happening within the Six Degrees Executive business.

Direct Marketing/CRM, some of the hardest roles to fill

Although seeing a slight decline within demand across Digital Marketing of just over 10%, generally candidate actively is still very strong and there is some exceptional talent on the market looking for new opportunities. Notably, those within Direct Marketing/CRM role types are currently the hardest resources to find, with candidates activity (applications & views of jobs advertisements) & demand (number of roles advertised) down by ~11% & ~40% respectably.

UX Designers are 35% better off

As companies look to review their current user experience across their digital assets, UX Designers have become more and more in demand, meaning companies are needing to retain their top talent. Notably, those within a design capacity, UX Designers, are seeing increases in their salary of nearly ~35%. This has seen a decrease in candidate actively in the market of just under ~3%. Again, making it challenging to source good talent and putting pressure on salaries.

Diversity & Inclusion – Thought Leadership Seminar

Outside of recruitment, Six Degrees Executive is very focused on Diversity & Inclusion, with our Diversity & Inclusion Committee in full swing, recently launching a Thought Leadership Seminar in Victoria at the RACV Club. With over 100+ attendees from across Victoria, there were some fantastic insights shared and great questions asked. We were privileged to hear from some keynote speakers, namely, Cameron McIntyre CEO of Carsales.com & Andrea Pearman, GM of Community and Philatelic as well as a Q&A panel with Senior Organisation Development & Learning Specialist, Daniel Mottau from Zendesk & Chief People Officer at carsales.com.au, Jo Allan.



Should you be interested to learn more about insights and trends across Digital & Marketing or would be open to an opportunity or seeking new resources, don’t hesitate to reach out to either Tom Bayly or Brett Knowles.