Services recruitment


In a world of evolving change, disruptive technologies, innovative business models and new market entrants, the landscape for services businesses is highly competitive and equally exciting. To succeed, organisations need to be efficient, focused, sharp and continually investing in the best talent available to keep ahead of the trends. 

At Six Degrees we have a wealth of experience recruiting for both B2B and B2C organisations across the services sector such as financial services, utilities, telecommunications, insurance and online marketplace. Companies are competing for talent who understand the importance of one-to-one personalisation and automation including dynamic content along the customer journey across multiple channels. We are seeing greater emphasis than ever before on a single customer view both on and offline to reduce pain points. High levels of customer experience are the key to stand above the competition. Building a strong digital capability and driving innovation as markets are disrupted is also vital.

Our dedicated Services team are skilled at working with talent pools with experience in the services sector and we hold a unique network with individuals across our functional areas such as Digital, Marketing, Sales and executive leadership positions.





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