Amee Sherrin


Amee Sherrin brings her expertise to the Brisbane team as a dedicated Talent Engagement Specialist, focusing her efforts on supporting Government & Public Sector recruitment. With a robust background in management within the retail and hospitality sectors, primarily in Tasmania, Amee's experience underscores her commitment to excellence.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Amee's interests span to participating in park runs, exploring new culinary experiences, and discovering local coffee gems. Equally important to her is spending quality moments with family and friends, enriching her life outside of the workplace.

Amee's approach to her career reflects her passionate and driven nature. Thriving under pressure, she views challenges as opportunities for growth and personal development. Her affinity for collaborative environments is showcased through her belief that teamwork leads to success; she firmly upholds the notion that the collective efforts of a motivated team can lead to remarkable achievements. With a resolute commitment to her core values, Amee is an invaluable asset to any team striving for excellence.