Lewis Black


Lewis Black is a dedicated Consultant in the Accounting and Finance sector, bringing his expertise to our team in Sydney. Holding a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Sport Studies, he has transitioned his career towards recruitment, focusing on the food, drinks, and FMCG sectors for over four and a half years. Lewis's background encompasses a diverse range of experiences in both agency and RPO recruitment, further enriched by his comprehensive knowledge of financial positions across the UK.

Outside the professional sphere, Lewis finds his passion on the football field, where he actively participates in matches as a valued player in an eastern suburbs team. His enthusiasm for the sport extends beyond the field as he remains an avid supporter of Hibernian FC. Beyond football, Lewis enjoys perfecting his golf swing, hitting the gym, and relishing quality time with friends.

Committed to making a genuine impact on candidates' lives and overall happiness, Lewis's strength lies in his exceptional interpersonal skills. He prioritises the development of strong professional relationships with both clients and candidates, reflecting his genuine people-oriented nature. Eager to continuously improve, Lewis embraces the wisdom of Oscar Wilde, "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken," as he strives to evolve into the best version of himself as a recruiter.