Ascha Smith


Ascha Smith joined the Brisbane team in 2023 as a consultant specialising in Digital. Her background is in fitness, having obtained a Bachelor of Science in Health.

Ascha’s recruitment journey has brought her expertise in digital and product marketing roles across various industries in Queensland. Her recent venture into B2B Sales at an HR Tech Start-up has given her a profound understanding of the intricacies between sales, marketing, digital, product, tech, and customer success, as well as the challenges faced by HR and P&C teams in supporting employees effectively.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Ascha values her time with her young family and passionately embraces her hobbies, including pilates, rollerblading, off-grid camping, and enriching her mind through reading, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Her Favourite quote, "Fill up your own cup first," serves as a guiding principle, emphasizing the significance of self-care to empower her to provide the best support to those around her. Ascha's commitment to connecting the dots and adding value to candidates and clients fuels her purpose in the recruitment field. With her dedication to providing a great experience and her collaborative nature, she is a valuable asset to the Six Degrees team, aspiring to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals she partners with.