Susie Smart


Susie is currently on Parental leave. Please reach out to the NSW Marketing team for any enquiry.

Susie joined the Six Degrees Sydney team in 2022 as Consultant in Marketing and Communications.

She brings a wealth of experience from a variety of industries including Technology, Property, Legal, Financial Services, Charitable Foundations and the Arts.  

Before pursuing recruitment, Susie spent 15+ years in senior positions in Marketing, Partnerships, and Business Development across Australia, the UK and the US.

Susie believes firmly that people are the solution to commercial success. Helping organisations connect with people who unlock the potential of the business is at the heart of her work. She looks forward to partnering with individuals and businesses alike to find solutions fit for mutual benefit and ultimate success.

An avid traveller and naturally curious person, it is a great pleasure for Susie to meet so many individuals and organisations as part of her work here at Six Degrees.