Peter Brydon - Human Resources Director at Kraft Foods Ltd

By Nick Hindhaugh

Published on 01-01-2013

Peter Brydon - Human Resources Director at Kraft Foods Ltd

Nick Hindhaugh, founding Director of Six Degrees, sat down with Peter Brydon, HRD of Kraft, to reflect on the year just passed and discuss the future.

1. 2009 was a tough year for most. What were the key business changes you made to adapt to the economic climate?

The economic climate, in my view, favoured FMCG food over many sectors but this didn't stop us making changes and refinements at Kraft Foods ANZ. Last year, we focussed on doing fewer, bigger initiatives and also 'spoke to' our customers to highlight the underlying value of our products.

2. What is your outlook for 2010 and beyond?

Very positive. Whilst some commodity prices are on the increase we believe we have the talent in our organisation and the commitment to meet commercial challenges and brainstorm solutions. We have changed our culture from 'committed to the process' to 'committed to the results'. In late 2009 we moved to a modern, environmentally-friendly head office in South Wharf - a move that has further enhanced our progressive, can-do culture.

3. What are the greatest challenges facing your specific industry/disciplines?

Innovation in a mature market. We have so many varied opportunities to grow, which poses the question: How do we select and drive the right ones? Other challenges include greater business discipline with a fully embedded Integrated Business Management system.

4. What are the key skills and attitudes you will be looking for in candidates in 2010?

Commercial drive, a flexible approach, innovation, courage, and a willingness to take risks.

5. What are your hiring intentions for the year ahead?

Hire ahead of the wave, as we have in 2009. Be proactive in the market - secure great people then find creative ways to engage them in the business. Retain our past employee alumni and leverage their networks.