FMCG Leading the Facebook Marketing Revolution

by Maya Wettenhall

FMCG Leading the Facebook Marketing Revolution

Earlier this year Online Circle released the Australian Facebook Performance Report. The report provided insight into the success some organisations are having with their brand Facebook pages.

Strategically, organisations use Facebook to build their fanbase and maximise fan engagement, and as the report shows, some industries are utilising this social media platform more than others. Leading the Facebook marketing revolution, is the FMCG Sector with two of the top industries being from FMCG.

The report claims their success is due to effectively leveraging their promotional expertise from traditional media to online. Through promotional activity, posing questions, and online interactive games, many brands saw substantial fanbase growth during the month of January.

The table below shows the performance of the top 10 Snackfoods brands.

Rank Brand Fans  Fan Growth Growth %
 1 Pringles Australia  491.003  21,057  4.4%
 2  5 Gum Australia & NZ  383,727  6,501  1.7%
 3 Chuck (Chupa Chops)  144,103  737  0.5%
 4 Cadbury Dairy Milk - Australia  143,223  10,173  7.3%
 5 Samboy Chips  125,472  860  0.7%
 6 Cheezels  121,108  3,112  2.6%
 7 Streets Golden Gaytime  103,325  6,422  6.4%
 8 The Natural Confectionary Co.  95,856  1,042  1.1%
 9 Ferrero Chocolates Australia 86,696  9,499  11.5%
 10 Tic Tac Australia & NZ  82,006 18,244  24.9%











What success have you had with Facebook?

Do you think it is an effective platform for brand marketing?