Sales & Marketing CSR day - Foodbank

By Jennifer Kenworthy

Published on 25-05-2013

Sales & Marketing CSR day - Foodbank

"Six Degrees? .... More like 8 or 9 this mornin' I reckon". On Tuesday 21st May the Six Degrees Sales & Marketing team were welcomed by the Foodbank Warehouse Manager, George Mackney. We donned high vis vests and fingerless gloves and took to Yarraville's industrial district to spend the day volunteering at Foodbank; Australia's largest hunger relief organisation. As part of SDE's Corporate Social Responsibility program, each employee is encouraged to participate in a day of community service every year.

Foodbank is a national non-profit, food distribution organisation acting as a pantry for charities and community bodies supplying relief to Australian's experiencing hardship. As a conduit between the food industry's surplus, donations and the welfare sector's need, last year alone Foodbank provided enough food for 32 million meals. The organisation relies heavily on ongoing corporate support from the food industry. SDE is proud to be partnered with many of the key contributing organisations namely; Kraft, Murray Goulburn, Goodman Fielder and Sugar Australia.

Following a morning briefing, the team was split into groups and put to work. Maya, Jo and Lyndsey were sent to the back of the warehouse for some heavy lifting, where tasks included sorting produce, packing boxes and stacking crates. The rest of the group prepared the pick-up and delivery orders by contending with the massive isles of donated items, loading up the trollies and watching out for forklifts - safety first!

The team was taken aback by the enormity of the warehouse and the quantity of food it shelved, we marvelled at the day in, day out effort of the Foodbank employees and volunteer groups - it is such a logistical feat that Foodbank are able to provide emergency relief to so many Australian's in need. The day proved to be a rewarding experience for all involved.


Click here to see some photos from our successful day.

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