5 tips to make first impressions count when job seeking

By Alex Matthews

Published on 14-03-2014

Make first imporessions count

Technology pervades every aspect of our lives, and job seeking is not exempt. These days applying for a new role can be as simple as a click. The streamlining of the job application process should not be misinterpreted as relaxation of the basic etiquette required when applying for a new role.

As recruitment professionals, we are experiencing first-hand the increasing trend in the market of job seekers becoming complacent during the application process. The powerful notion of ‘first impressions count’ seems to have been lost, and job seekers are damaging their credibility by ignoring the following basic practices.

  1. A LinkedIn profile should NOT replace a formalised resume

Whilst a LinkedIn profile is beneficial, it is an overview of your experience and lacks the detail required to best represent your skillset, particularly commercial achievements which would not be appropriate to list in the public domain.

  1. Be selective when applying for roles

Do not become a ‘serial applier’. The ease in which you can apply for roles should not encourage you to apply for more roles. Apply for roles in which your experience and skillset is relevant, it is one thing to be ambitious but continually applying for inappropriate roles quickly diminishes your professional credibility.

  1. Ensure you have a functioning voicemail and return telephone calls within 24 hours

There is nothing more frustrating and time consuming for a hiring manager/recruitment professional than trying to contact an individual who does not have voicemail, this includes voice to text, or whom does not return telephone calls. Time poor hiring managers may gravitate to those job seekers whom are easier to engage.

  1. Be flexible when making a time to meet and BE ON TIME!

The job seeking process will require some effort and flexibility on your behalf. Direct line managers are often very time poor with limited availability. It may be necessary to take an annual leave day, or rearrange your schedule, but flexibility from the outset is always well received and reflects a commitment to the process.

The opportunity to present your skill set and experience face-to-face is a very powerful medium, don’t pass up the opportunity and don’t keep them waiting!

  1. A recruitment professional is your advocate in the job seeking process

The impression you make on a recruitment professional is as important as the impression you make on a future line manager. They are the first stage of a hiring process, and will act as your advocate when dealing with prospective employers, imparting knowledge and insight which can’t be garnered from a resume.

Alexandra Matthews

Talent Engagement Specialist

Alexandra is a member of the Talent Engagement team at Six Degrees, specialising in Sales and Marketing. If you would like to have a conversation with Alexandra around managing your career please contact her on (03) 8613 3500.