Personal Branding - Like the Real Housewives of Melbourne make sure people are talking about you!

By Ivor Lloyd-Rees

Published on 14-03-2014

Personal Branding

Who do you want to be? Where do you want to be? If these are questions you’ve asked yourself at some stage in your career but you’ve not yet actioned them now is the time.  So, how do you get to where you want to be? Simple, like the Real Housewives of Melbourne make sure people are talking about you. Here’s how:

  • Industry Events – Is your name appearing on brochures, pamphlets or PDFs as a name linked to important conferences and networking events? Are you appearing in industry debates on hot topics and current trends? It only takes a couple of these events to get your name embedded in the minds of peers and headhunters.
  • Get other people to do the hard work – I don’t mean delegation. Although that’s pretty handy. Get headhunters to do the hard work for you and let them build your brand. Form relationships with a select number of quality headhunters. You might not get called about an opportunity for a while but keep in touch; quality headhunters talk to the movers and shakers. Catch up with clients to discuss industry news and act as the best source of industry information. Get on their radar and they will open doors.
  • Manage your online reputation – Have you googled yourself recently? Do it. You might be surprised with what you find. If it’s a drunken photo of yourself on facebook or a list of inappropriate tweets it might be time to do something about it. More than 80% of headhunters have used search engines to find out information on candidates and almost half of those have discarded candidates based on their findings.
  • Focus on the next role – Just started a new job? Doesn’t matter. What’s the next role and how can you achieve that promotion? Get on the radar of the senior executive. Talk to them, make sure they know your name, socialise with them, and shadow them. Let your intentions be known.
  • Be decent to your work colleagues – You might think you’re the only one talking to recruiters. You’re wrong.  Everybody does. Why not be the one your colleagues recommend to headhunters. Get other people to do the hard work for you.
  • Be decent to headhunters – Not as crazy as it sounds. It’s a small world and quality headhunters have great memories. Be prepared for THAT awkward call when a recruiter calls you up in the middle of the office. Call back when you say you will and treat your headhunter like you would a client. One day it will all be worth it.

Good luck!

What do you do to create and promote a positive personal brand?

Ivor Lloyd-Rees

Specialist Executive Recruiter