Employer branding; 6 ways to acquire top talent

By Scott Logan

Published on 25-03-2015

How to acquire top talent

Your business is only as good as the people that you employ and great people drive great results. It is no surprise that talent attraction, employer branding and your recruitment process are critical tools in the success of your business. Why then do so many companies neglect this essential opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors?

We all know the importance of product and customer branding, but think of how many great marketing campaigns or new products would never have existed had the right people never been attracted and hired.

Great candidates have choices, they are networked, they are in demand, they do their research and they are looking to align themselves with exceptional employers.  So why should the best candidates work for your business rather than a competitors?

In talking to employers of choice I have compiled a list of ways, through effective employer branding, to help your business acquire top talent.

Understand your employee value proposition: The first step is clearly articulating why someone should work for you. What do you offer employees in the way of career progression, what type of culture have you created, does remuneration stack up against your competition, what is unique about your business that would be attractive to someone looking for a career change?

Company website: Where is a potential new hire going to go first for information on your business? The web. This means that you must have a visually attractive site with a rich careers section giving potential hires all the information they need about your business and what you stand for. Be creative & make it real; can you put some employee case studies on your website or an employment video about what it’s like to work for you?

Social media: You must give before you may receive. Your social media accounts should be regularly updated with quality content that is in line with your brand message. The kind of information you share with your followers gives them an understanding of who you are as a business. If you share great stuff, then when it comes time to ask for something in return you may be genuinely surprised by the result.

Run a thorough and robust recruitment process: Interview, interview again, reference thoroughly and think outside the box. Top talent want to meet their prospective line manager, HR and even future colleagues, they want to be exposed to multiple people within the business. They want to ensure they will be working with great people, that there is consistency, and that they will fit in. They want to see their actual place of work whether that be an office, a site, or otherwise. Many sets of eyes help to mitigate hiring risks for an employer.

Network with recruiters: Build strong transparent relationships with a quality recruiter that you can trust, recruiters are great employer brand advocates and will spread the word about how great it is to work for you, even when you’re not actively recruiting.

Live your employer brand: None of the above means anything if the reality of your workplace is not in line with what you are selling. Follow through on your employer brand promise! Research indicates that a customer who has a bad experience with a brand is likely to tell up to ten people about that experience and there is no reason to think that employment is any different, positive word of mouth could be a game changer for you.

In my experience the best talent is looking for an employer with a fantastic culture, which offers good career prospects, shares opportunity and rewards handsomely for success. The idea here is that people should want to work for you before they have even interviewed. If you offer the best, you have a right to expect the best and the flow on benefits to your employee retention will become evident.

What could you do to improve your employer brand?

Scott Logan

Specialist Recruitment Consultant

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